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The name 'Lotuspod' refers to the pod or seed of the lotus flower. Prolific in nature, the lotus blooms continuously in a pond at the center of the property.

Tucked away in a small, private part of Laguna, Lotuspod offers our guests unique experiences of your own choice which we can help you plan.


With our cozy casita rooms, you can choose to just chill in your own personalized dipping pool filled with the water from the natural hot springs of Laguna, or try a more active weekend and zipline across the pond after a swim. 

Children are welcome to our Explorer club treehouse, or we can plan camping and barbeque events for the outdoor enthusiasts. If an out of town planning session is on your agenda, our business center gives you the privacy you need. However, if you are the hopeless romantic we think you might be, then this is where we can help make your dream wedding come true!

Tailor-fit to your needs, Lotuspod is ready to welcome you to our spot in the sun!

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