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Welcome to Lotuspod! It is our pleasure to serve you. To make your stay, and that of all our guests, as enjoyable as possible, we ask that you observe some basic house rules. By registering with Lotuspod and signing our registration form, you agree to abide by the house rules we have set forth below:

  1. Identification – Please present at least one(1) valid government ID on check-in. We may deny admission to guests without identification.


   2. Smoking  - Smoking on the property, whether indoors or outdoors, is strictly prohibited.


   3. Drugs - Bringing in and/or using any kind or amount of drugs classified as dangerous drugs under the Philippines’ Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (Republic Act 9165) are strictly prohibited. The sale, trading, administration, dispensation, delivery, distribution or transportation of any dangerous drug and/or controlled precursor and essential chemical for the manufacture of such is likewise prohibited within  Lotuspod.

      We reserve the right to eject you from the premises, or cause your arrest by law enforcement, should  you violate this policy.

    4. Pets - We do not allow pets of any kind on the premises.


    5. Food and Drinks  - The consumption of food and drinks from sources other than our kitchen is not allowed, except for bagged chips and canned soft drinks and juices.

    6. Liquor - Liquor of any kind is not allowed, except when served by our kitchen as part of an event. We also reserve the right during events to restrict the service of liquor in order to manage noise levels and crowd behavior. Lotuspod also complies with local laws on liquor bans on specific dates, times and occasions.


    7. General Behavior – We would always want you to have as much fun as possible while you are at Lotuspod. However, please be conscious that the farm area of Lotuspod belongs to a community, and thus we ask that you help us maintain good relations with the community by keeping noise levels down after dark.


    We also reserve the right to remove from our premises guests who are rowdy or damage or destroy facilities and the environment, or engage in obscene, immoral or illegal conduct, or conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the resort, its guests, its employees, or the farm community. You agree to leave peaceably if so asked to leave for these reasons.


    8. Facilities – For those who wish to use our zip line, trampoline, dipping pools and bikes, we will ask our     guests to sign waivers.


    9. Payment – We reserve the right to ask for a reasonable deposit prior to admission and that all bills be  paid prior to departure. We may or may not make credit available, or allow the use of credit cards, at our  sole discretion.

     A security deposit of P1000 per Casita will be requested upon check-in. It will cover property loss and damages but will be refunded in full once cleared.

  10. Resort Dress Code - Guest are highly encouraged to dress in resort casual or casual clothing attire while visiting various facilities.

     Basketball jersey shirts, rubber slippers, and similar attire are specifically prohibited.

  11. Medication - As a policy, we do not give guests medications such as pain relievers, allergy meds etc. While our staff is equipped with complete kit and is trained to perform first aid. We recommend that you bring your medicines when visiting Lotuspod.

  12. Policies - Lotuspod reserves the right to decline accommodation to guests who do not comply with our rules and policies.

  13. Paymongo Fees -  When utilizing the payment link, a convenience fee of up to 3.5% will be applicable. The specific amount may vary depending on the chosen payment method.


  14. Reservation Policy - All room reservations at Lotuspod are subject to availability and are to be made in advance. We do not accept pencil bookings for check-ins on the same day or for check-ins scheduled for tomorrow. Reservations must be confirmed and paid for immediately to secure the booking.

    By adhering to these rules, you and we both keep Lotuspod safe, peaceful, and enjoyable for everyone.

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